Experience / Employment History

Open source (ongoing)

Position: generalist developer

Contributing to open source projects is my passion and an endless source of enjoyment I find in programming. Follow me on GitHub.

tags: objective-c, c++, python, elixir, go, javascript, clojure, english

Frogwares (May–November 2012)

Position: iOS Developer, Game Engine and Graphics Programmer

My responsibilities at Frogwares included dealing with everything iOS related, specifically the following.

Among the projects I've worked with were: Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles, Dracula: Love Kills.

tags: ios, objective-c, c++, game engine, python, graphics programming

Avallon Alliance Ltd. (2009–2012)

Position: iOS Developer / Game Programmer

I have worked with the guys at Avallon both by telecommuting and in their office. Among the responsibilities I had, the major ones were:

I was also the sole developer (in a team of five) for the Air Jump game currently available on the App Store. I used cocos2d as a graphics engine and implemented the entire game logic in Objective-C.

tags: ios sdk, objective-c, python, pyqt, cocos2d

Voodoo Dimention (summer 2008)

Position: iOS Developer / Game Engine Programmer

My task was to port The Stone of Destiny (a hidden-object/puzzle game for PC) to the iPhone platform. I did a complete rewrite of the game including the graphics engine it used (the original PC game had been developed using the Blitz3D engine). Being the sole developer for the project (in a distributed team comprised of the original developer, an artist, and myself), my responsibilities included:

Two years later the game was also ported to iPad. This time, I was responsible for implementing a redesigned UI, adding achievements and implementing a tight integration with Facebook (a feature called "Friend's help").

Both iPhone and iPad version of the game are available on the App Store. Take a look at the Projects page to find App Store links and watch the trailers.

tags: ios sdk, c, objective-c, opengl es, game engine, graphics programming

Strong Skills

These are the skills I have been applying in professional development and that I'm ready to put to work starting today. I'm also a fast learner when it comes to picking up new languages and tools.

Active Skills

These are the skills I'm currently working on and have great interest in. Haven't got a chance to apply them in development of a big fat project yet.


BS in Applied Mathematics (with elements of Computer Science) from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (also known as KPI). Years of study: 2006–2010.

Other Things


You can reach me at [email protected].